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We are a collaborative group of Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Development, and Digital Marketers.  We create brands that are designed to create an impression about who you are and what you do!  At Vertikal Media, we create stunning brands through a business-driven approach.  Your brand should strive to connect with the soul with a “Bold and Polished” communication that says, “I’m worth it.”

Since we started Vertikal Media Group, ten years ago, helping small businesses succeed online and globally has been our priority.  We specialize in custom web development and web application development.  Over the years we kept getting referrals from our past clients to help small businesses and especially women-owned business looking for websites and help with their online presence. Unfortunately, more our minimum budget was just too expensive for most small businesses.

The promise of the internet to be the great equalizer? That would make the small businesses, seem BIG? But truthfully, most small business owners were priced out with the cost of web design and development which typically cost 5 to 10 thousand dollars or even more and that was just the website. No marketing! A website with NO MARKETING means NO TRAFFIC and NO TRAFFIC means NO SALES and if your website isn’t going to help you do business, then why bother!

So that’s why we created Vertikal Media Group.  We are a group of Web Developers, Copywriters, SEO specialists and Marketing and Promotion Individuals.  We knew there had to be a better way for small businesses to take advantage of the web to To Build, and Convert Customers and Attract clients.  This is why we would like to help your business or organization in the same way we have helped hundreds of other businesses use the web to grow.


Business strategy should be designed to bring success and avoid failure. This can be done by capitalizing on the strongest capabilities of the firm, and exploiting the greatest opportunities while reducing the risk associated with company weaknesses, and environmental threats.



We want our clients to be part of the project management process which consists of deadlines, and expectations of your project. Effective communications and helps to build a successful client/agency relationship that keeps everyone on track and on the same page.


There are many business development aspects to take into consideration when managing client projects.  It is important that we align all business development activities to your project’s strategic plan.

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Want to self-publish wiithout contracts?  You own the rights to your stories, while we edit, format, and publishe on multiple platforms.


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