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Our agency specializes in Creative Digital Marketing, Book Publishing, and Web Development.
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What we do

Our company was founded ten years ago with the purpose of helping small businesses succeed online and worldwide.  We specialize in developing custom websites and web applications.  Over the years, we have continued to receive referrals from past clients regarding the online presence and websites of small businesses, especially women-owned businesses. 

Web Development/Design

Your Website is your online business and we want to create an unforgettable experience for the visitor.  It is a project management collaboration between us and you, the client, at Vertikal Media Group.  Learn More

Digital Marketing and SEO

We help you plan your Digital Marketing strategy, run your campaigns, manage your Social Media, SEO proof, and Copywrite your content.  Learn More

Social Media Managment

There is no effective business reach nowadays without a social media presence. But which platform do you choose? Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube?  Which one is the most effective for your business?


No Contract Book Publishing

We help authors publish their books.  We offer professional editing, formatting, book cover designs,  bio, and press release services.  Learn More

Mobile Apps

We create, publish and maintain Native Android and iOS mobile apps for you!

E-Course Creation

Put your courses/workshops/ seminars online Turn your books/blogs into online courses!  Learn More

Generating New Ideas 

Our Signature process is not only about Collaborating with the best of Graphic Designers, Editors, Web Developers, SEO heroes, and E-Course Creators to partner with you the client.


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“We used Vertikal Media Group to not only design my website, but also for search engine optimization, and online shopping cart. I have been extraordinarily happy with the excellent work product, high level of service, and prices. Our company website looks better than I could have imagined, and is performing very well If you are reading this review, consider yourself one of the lucky ones…you’ve found a truly talented, professional, and honorable web development companies.

Applied Vision Products, LLC

I had no idea where to start but now I’m feeling like I can conquer anything!”

I wish I could give this company 10 stars plus a moon…Her training and expertise will teach you how to manage and maintain your site. I have a beautiful webpage and it’s all because of Vertikal. I had no idea where to start but now I’m feeling like I can conquer anything.

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